The Team

Writer / Producer: Ron Covington

11222569_10207429394750990_3418572842279061017_n As a child, Ron Covington, studied acting under Professor Floyd Gaffney at UCSD. He worked with Broadway veteran Brian Mitchell and James Avery (Uncle Phil from The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air).

At Howard University, Ron was mentored by Tony Award winning playwright Joseph A. Walker (The River Niger) both in writing and choreography.

Returning to California, Ron was able to get some of his rock musicals produced. Simultaneous with teaching elementary school, he was accepted into the Marvin Miller/Guy Hanks and ABC/Disney Writing Fellowships as well as WRITER’S BOOTCAMP.

During his Disney tenure, he struck up a friendship with Garry Marshall and was invited to do punch-up work on PRINCESS DIARIES 2. Shortly after that, his short film THE GAUNTLET, a thriller, was produced.

Producer: Brian A. Roberts

1918517_144328393042_4625184_n Brian's first taste of the entertainment industry was as a very young performer; appearing as an actor in industrials for American Airlines and PBS; and singer for several Sesame Street Records (including Sesame Street Fever). He also sang vocals on Dunkin' Donuts national radio spots It’s Worth the Trip.

Howard University educated, Brian worked as a production stage manager for the premiere performances of The Spiritual Heritage Orchestral Suite at Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center. Later in New York, Brian continued as an assistant stage manager for the Boys Choir of Harlem, and assistant to the producer for the Broadway workshop Down To Earth (directed by Donald McKayle).

In Los Angeles, Brian worked as assistant production coordinator on the genre feature films Crying Freeman and The Dentist before earning a screenwriting internship as a WGA trainee for Paramount Television’s Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Finding his calling as a Producer with the short film The Bet; Brian’s more recent credits include Co-Executive Producer for the Tri-Destined Entertainment feature films Perfect Combination and We are Family. Next up was the Martial Arts / Dance Film Battle B-Boy;  followed by the 2016 release of the psychological thriller HOME, starring Heather Langenkamp.

Director: Bufort McClerkins

Due to his background as a college, and then professional, athlete, Bufort McClerkins “fell” into the film biz as a Stunt Man, and later a Stunt Coordinator.

Award Winning film director William Friedkin, over-hearing Bufort make suggestions to a department head on how to shoot a particularly intricate stunt,  was so impressed that he offered McClerkins a job as a Second Unit Director.

Impressed with Bufort’s work, Friedkin suggested that he consider directing. Taking this advice, Bufort entered into the world of directing Music Videos, racking up a wide range of shoots including a number of videos for funkmaster George Clinton and his P-Funk outfit. An array of commercials, short films, and other projects soon followed. Bufort also began producing and, with COV ON THE SCENE, he utilizes his vast knowledge in a myriad of areas to enhance this very special undertaking.



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